Loving God. Loving People.
These are more than tag lines at Crystal Lake Christian Church. It is what we do in that we love God and we love people. It is also Who we serve, a loving God and by the power of the Spirit, who we seek to be, a loving people who are constantly being refined into the image of Christ.
In support of this we have developed ministries which help us to embody these truths through worship, fellowship, and service. We believe the church is a united body of diverse believers, each having an important role in serving our risen Lord, each other, the Crystal Lake community, and the world. Our ministries are organized into departments to help us better function and help people find their place to serve.
If you would like to know more about how to connect in any area of ministry or need information about how a ministry can be of service to you, please reach out to the person listed with the department.

Christian Women's Fellowship
Chairperson: Bess Neihengen
This ministry tracks and aids the specific and unique walk women have with the Lord. Gathering together as women of faith they discuss their challenges, their victories and engage in Bible based fellowship while enjoying a great meal at a local eatery.

Open Hands
Chairperson: Bob Vearil
"Open Hands” is a Christ-centered service ministry committed to helping people with small project needs around the home. Some work examples include electrical, carpentry, painting, moving assistance, window repair, yard work, transportation to the store or to doctor’s appointments, etc. All labor and expertise are provided at no cost to the person being served. Our time and talents are volunteered as expressions of Christian love in service to our Lord Jesus Christ. To God be the glory. With His help – we’ll do the work.

Chairperson: David Arvidson
This ministry tracks and aids the membership of the church. Encouraging attendance, following up on illnesses and absences and the specific needs of each family to help them participate more fully in the worship and fellowship of the church, including organizing opportunities for the church to gather as a whole for fellowship and fun.

Education/Sunday School
Chairperson: John Guanci
Sunday School is offered during the 9:30 hour for all ages, including adults. Junior Worship is offered during the Worship for pre-school and elementary students.

Prayer Ministry
Chairperson: John Guanci
Prayer is a vital part of the church. A prayer chain has been created to quickly bring the congregation the needs of the members. Members may be contacted by telephone or email.

Outreach and Promotions
Chairperson: John Guanci
This ministry makes note of potential ways via media and personal connections to reach out to our community with pragmatic content, keeps the public in touch with the opportunities and activities of the church all with the love of Christ.

Food Pantry
Chairperson: Sallie Boberg and Maria Wildeboer
Crystal Lake Christian Church participates in the Crystal Lake Food Pantry in support of those in need. This, a superb mission field, where we are blessed to be the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus. It is a labor of love and a privilege to be a part of the Crystal Lake Food Pantry on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10:00 to 2:00.

Property and Maintenance
Chairperson: Don Neihengen
This ministry involves the routine maintenance and upkeep on the church buildings and grounds.

Men's Ministry
Chairperson: John Guanci
This ministry is designed to encourage fellowship and growth in the men of the church through outings, social activities, Bible Study and prayer.

Worship and Music
Chairperson: Sallie Boberg
A ministry designed to enhance the worship service with special music and drama.

Chairperson: Open
Nursery service is provided each Sunday during the Worship hour.