Sermon Series: Independence of Dependence

People desire freedom for themselves, their families, their future and we all do this through the wise investment of our time, talent and treasure. We seek to be independent by not being dependent upon anyone but ourselves. But here's the truth of it all, whatever we put our trust in, that isn't God, it is perishable and thieves and break-in and steal. For example, from an earthly world view we're dependent upon currency valuation, stock market performance and bank liquidity for our financial well being. Either one of these three things goes south and it's a rough road ahead for sure, right?

The key is to be independent in the things that really count by being dependent upon the One who never fails. This is the premise for the sermon series "The Independence of Dependence." That we experience the greatest levels of freedom when we are dependent upon what Christ accomplished at Calvary, taking our sins upon Himself, for our salvation. After all, He accomplished for each of us personally what we could never accomplish on our own. For no matter how much time, talent or treasure the sinner invests in religion he will always fall short when it comes to being in a right relationship with his Heavenly Father.

That said, it is our greatest hope as a congregation, and my greatest prayer as a Pastor, that these sermons and related summaries will supply clarity and be of encouragement to the seeker and believer alike; to these ends, each sermon is offered as an audio presentation and is accompanied by a written summary. This in loyal service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

John J.W. Guanci, III (MBA)

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