Dancing In Faith - 12 of 12

September 22, 2019
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What is the relationship between waltzing and living a life of faith?

First, there are two willing participants. There’s the one who leads, and the one who follows.

For their respective parts the lead knows where to go and what comes next. He gives input to the one who is following via distinct and communicative touch, a push in the small of the back, a tug on a hand, even a nod indicating that the time for the next move approaches.

Second, for her part, the follower’s eyes are fixed on her lead and she is receptive and expectant to inputs and desires to be led during the dance. Her desire is to be appropriately responsive in all she does; she trusts that her lead will give accurate and timely input; indicating what she is to do next so that they move in concert.

Third, we must give consideration to the distinction between the lead, his inputs and their relationship to the one who chooses to dance, to follow. While he is the object of her gaze and attention his input to her movements originates through his will and then is made manifest, again, in the form of a push here, a pull there or some other prompt that brings about a beautiful response on her part as they glide across the floor together.

In this comparison, we find ourselves presented with the roles that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit play, along with what our part happens to be as His Church, His bride,in our individual waltz with the Lord.

Again, we are the ones who choose to dance. Jesus, our willing lead, stands on the floor with His hand extended in a loving and elegant invitation; we step out to dance, our eyes fixed on Him.

Gently Jesus takes our hand and, with all that was created through Him, by Him and for Him, watching our every move, it is suddenly very clear to us that we don’t know what we’re doing and that without Him, we could never move like others have. Neither could they.

Soon we, for our part, confess this to Him as our hand grasps His. His response isn’t one of rebuke, He doesn’t ask us why we didn’t practice or study videos prior to stepping out to dance (do life) with Him, no. He simply whispers in our ear, “Don’t worry, fix your eyes on me, follow me, be obedient to my prompts, and you’ll be fine...oh, and when you make a mistake, and you will just keep going…forgive yourself as I have forgiven you, we’re in this together.”

What do we need to do in order to dance well with the Lord in faith?

There are three elements we must possess: 1) trusting hearts; 2) desire for His will; 3) teachable spirits.